About Us


Top Quality Produce was founded in 2011 by Yin Chan
International Develop Co.(Taiwan). In the beginning,
we imported fresh produces from our affiliate companies
in Taiwan and Thailand. The primary products were litchi,
longan, and starfruit from Taiwan as well as aromatic
young coconut, sweet coconut, organic coconut, frozen
durian and longan from Thailand. Once we successfully
developed partnerships with wholesalers and distributors
in great  Los Angeles area, we have expanded the
supplier chains to offer more varieties of produces to
satisfy the needs of our partners. Currently, we import
produces from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, China,
and Mexico. Our team will continuously find fresh, safe,
and delicious produces from all over the world for your
various needs.


Top Quality Produce works closely with our partners to
make sure that our produce suppliers following the
international standard regulations, such as G.M.P., H.A.C.C.
P., Global G.A.P. etc. We committed to offering the high
quality produces to our customers.